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Dr G ,
Excellent and caring doctor.
Worked and studied his way all the way to the top and now is giving back to the community his knowledge for anti-aging , men’s & women’s overall health & fitness.
He addresses and personalizes his treatment regimen based on the patient’s health & history.
Highly recommended !!
Thank you 🙏🏽 Dr Guzman – 10 ⭐️ stars
Praveen Buddiga

~ Praveen Buddiga

I’m a new patient but am excited about the journey I’m beginning. The fact that my appointment started by Dr. Guzman reviewing my lab work and discussing options instead of just writing a prescription. Working on a healthier me in 2023 with less prescriptions and balancing my mental health in the process.

~ Erika

Dr Guzman has helped me with bio identical hormones, weight loss and gut health. He does a thorough blood test to see which peptides would work best. I would recommend Dr.Guzman to anyone who wants more energy, help with weight loss, improve hormonal balance and slow aging.

~ Stacy Mooney

Dr. Guzman is a miracle worker! I have straighter for many years to lose weight. I work out consistently and eat healthy. Nothing I did helped to take off the weight. I started peptides with Dr. Guzman several months ago and have lost over 25 lbs. I feel better and and very happy with how my clothes fit. I would highly recommend trying peptides for your health and weight loss. You will not be disappointed!! Get started now before the holidays.

~ Laura

Dr. Guzman is great! Extremely thorough in his testing to see what is truly going on inside versus prescribing a pill, or sending you on your way feeling disheartened. Excited about what to come with my health moving forward! Thank you Dr. Guzman for what you do!

~ Colin DeBre’

Dr. Guzman is the best doctor I have met. He goes above and beyond with keeping you as healthy as possible and helping you achieve your goals. The peptide therapy I have been receiving has been life changing. I highly recommend!

~ Corey F

I cannot thank Dr Guzman enough, I am a personal trainer and health coach for many years but at 45 I wasn’t recovering from my workouts as quickly as well as not seeing the physical results I desired for all my hard work I put in . He tweaked my hormones a bit and he put my on a fabulous peptide that helps the body produce HGH ( human growth hormone) . I am leaner then I have been in years and am recovering SO much faster . I know have almost all my clients going to him and he has changed their lives as much as my own . If you are over 40 and just think feeling like crap is aging , it is NOT! We are designed to thrive not survive . And this man can help you immensely.

~ Chantel Stipe

Dr G. Is amazing ! He has helped myself w my thyroid, my hormones , my ibs , my Lyme disease, and my weight loss ! I’m truly thankful for him and how fast he has helped ! Not only myself my husband w his arthritis and my daughter w her anxiety ! Words can’t thank him enough for our health ! I truly recommend dr to help all of ur health needs to make u feel better ! Other doctors are great w bandaids , Dr G gets to the source and fixes it ! Thank u again !

~ Brandy M

I would like to thank Dr. Guzman for giving me my life back. He listened to my issues and concerns and found a treatment plan that has worked. The past 8 months I had been dealing with a debilitating autoimmune disorder (CSU/ CIU with angioedema). This left me unable to function in my day-to-day life. The previous doctors I was seeing gave me massive amounts of medications and injections and expected me to learn to live with the unbearable symptoms.
Thanks to Dr. Guzman I’m feeling better than ever, and I am able to return to work and enjoy myself once again. I would recommend Dr Guzman to anyone who is wanting or needing a healthier life.

Ronnie Franco

~ Ronnie Franco

After seeing multiple doctors for the same issue and being prescribed medications that did not work for me, I finally found someone who got me on the right path. Dr Guzman took the time to listen to me and understand my needs and so far the meds he prescribed are working!

~ Guille E.

I have seen Dr. Guzman for only a couple of months and have already improved by GERD symptoms and no longer taking any PPIs. I found his holistic approach to my symptoms reassuring. I definitely recommend Dr. Guzman as he is utilizes a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to his treatment and interventions.

~ Carolina Lopez

After years of struggling with Lyme disease, Dr. Guzman is helping me take back my life and health! This is the cutting-edge place to be in Fresno. If you don’t know about peptides, it’s time to make an appointment and find out. Our health is our wealth. Sometimes it takes a team to live your best, healthiest life, and that means you want Dr. Guzman on your team. Having him as a part of my health team means that I am healing, and that means I’m able to live my life to the full again. Forget the bounds of antiquated traditional-Western medicine, and instead, find out how functional, integrative medicine can help change your life. Dr. Guzman knows how to think out of the box. Feeling like you’ve tried everything else to no avail? Then, call him now; you’ll be glad you did. Thank you, Dr. Guzman for helping me feel and live better after having been so sick from Lyme disease.
Jennifer D, PhD

~ Jennifer D, PhD

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